My Best of 2022 Wedding Photographs

It was a difficult job choosing my best of 2022 wedding photographs in what was another unusual year for the wedding industry as a whole. The Covid restrictions were eased and finally removed altogether, which meant that weddings could go back to normal, in terms of the number of guests you could invite and how long a wedding day could last.

Wedding bands were back in business, and the only aspect of the day that hasn’t come back is the Offering of the Sign of Peace at the mass!

This meant that lots of weddings that had been postponed due to the restrictions were rescheduled and fitted in amongst the weddings that were already booked for 2022, so by the end of August, all the wedding suppliers had already done a year’s work, and by the time New Year’s Eve came around, we were wrecked.

Luckily, January and February are quieter months, so we will all be rearing to go again in March.

To be honest, it’s hard to choose a definite “best of” selection for any year, but these are some of my favourites from 2022.

What makes me like these particular wedding photographs is that they show a genuine emotional connection between the people in the picture, which is what I’m trying to achieve on every wedding day

Brides and their dads, grooms and their mothers and grandmothers, just married couples, big wedding parties and close family members. For me, these are the important photographs that have to be captured on the day and I make sure to schedule some time to make sure I get them.

I was delighted to receive 6 Wedisson International Wedding Photography Awards for photographs I took in 2022. Thousands of photographers from all over the world enter the competition, so it is quite a big deal to be chosen. I like to enter the more creative and dynamic shots and it seems to be working out so far.

I’d like to thank all the couples that trusted me to photograph their most important day and I’m looking forward to working with lots of great couples at fantastic venues in 2023.

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