Inchydoney Hotel Weddings

I live just outside Clonakilty, across the bay from the Inchydoney Hotel and I have been photographing weddings at the hotel and on Inchydoney Beach since 2008. 

The Inchydoney Lodge and Spa one of the most popular West Cork wedding venues and is a fantastic location for your wedding.  

If you want to have a church ceremony in one of the beautiful local churches like Darrara or Clonakilty Church, or if you want to have a Civil Ceremony, like a Humanist or a Spiritualist Wedding, in the hotel, or an outdoor wedding at the venue, (weather permitting!) you have everything you need on your doorstep.

The interior of the hotel is first class, and the sea views from the bridal suite and the function room are incredible, but most couples choose to have their wedding at Inchydoney because of the access to the amazing beaches.

There has been a hotel on Inchydoney Island, 3km outside  Clonakilty, since the 1930’s. The original hotel was the height of modernity in its day and was advertised as ‘The All-Electric Hotel”, which is pretty impressive considering that some parts of West Cork didn’t get electricity until the 1960’s. The Inchydoney Hotel held weddings and dinner dances and was really popular with tourists from all over Ireland.

The original Inchydoney Hotel was demolished in 1977 and The Inchydoney Lodge and Spa that we know today was built in it’s place.

As a wedding photographer, I am spoiled for choice when it comes to great photo locations there. There is the viewing platform that overlooks the Virgin Mary Headland that divides the two huge beaches, the Headland itself, the steps down to the beach on the right and the slipway to the beach on the left.

My preferred spot for wedding photographs is on the left hand side of the Headland as you are looking out to sea. The wind normally blows from left to right and you have lots of shelter when you are on the jetty.

I have photographed weddings there in the middle of summer and on New Years Eves and the hotel and its surroundings always provide a thrilling background for the bride and groom who are looking for a beach wedding.

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Inchydoney Lodge and Spa Weddings