The Wedding Photographs Cork Brides Like Best

As wedding photographers, we are often in friendly competition with each other to get a more unusual or creative shot, to win awards in photography competitions or to use the latest photograph techniques and styles, but which are the wedding photographs Cork brides like best?

Off camera flash, super wide angle, HDR, vintage filters, old film finishes and extreme locations are just some of the trends that have around for the last few years, but what sort of wedding photos do todays couples want to have framed and displayed in their homes.

Each of my wedding photography packages includes a photograph in a simple black frame that my couples choose for themselves, and I am always really interested to see which one they choose from the 750+ images I show them from their wedding. 

Here is a selection of the images that my couples chose over the past few years, and it shows that despite all the camera trickery and post production voodoo I can get up to, most couples go for something simple and classic. 

Classic style and creativity never goes out of fashion…

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The Wedding Photographs Cork Brides Like Best

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